Monday, December 12, 2011

New kids' books: 12 days of a Washington Christmas and fairy tales for teens
The Seattle Times
Books by Northwest authors and illustrators for children and teens feature the story of a huggable porcupine, the search for Sasquatch and some fractured fairy tales for teens. Wrap them up now; read them by the fire with your favorite youngster later. ...

Who is FeralHumanProject.Info? [Bigfoot DNA Study]

OWFR: Safety in the field [Tips for Bigfoot Hunters]

Survival expert Jim LeBus responds to critics about his Bigfoot story and "Fireball Gun" featured on the History Channel article slams RadioWest producer for being too easy on Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Raytheon Vision Systems developing thermal cameras for smartphones, Bigfoot's anti-military sentiment at an all time high

Bigfoot Video Roundup: Tim Stover's bipedal anomaly on Thermal and SasquaiNation possible sasquatch snow tracks found near road

Webcam Photo of Nessie? Loch Ness Monster
Roland Watson, author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness, reveals images that have just come to light that were snapped in September. The images, taken at a considerable distance, appear to show something in Urquhart Bay, an arm of Scotland's Loch Ness. What do you think? Elsewhere, a group of searchers looking for the Australian equivalent of Bigfoot are featured in two videos you'll find in The Cheeky Fox and the Yowie Men. And such hirsute hominids may have been the inspiration for the ancient book Loren Coleman unveils in Das Buch der Natürlichen Weißheit’s Wudéwásá. Coleman also offers a link for you to download a book at no charge, today, found in Free Thunderbird eBook for Cryptomundians.

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