Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Erickson Project hair samples tested positive for Bigfoot DNA?

Evolution of Charles Middleton's Bigfoot eyewitness report drawings

FB/FB: New Jersey Sasquatch breakdown

Dr. Karl Shuker's next book, due out in the the spring of 2012, will feature the matings from zoos around the world that have produced hybrid big cats, the different combinations of which Shuker describes here. But one hybrid, of which there is apparently only one instance, has the eminent cryptozoologist scrambling for photographic evidence. Where are the images of Mickey, the offspring of a Siberian tiger and a jaguar born in June of 2009 at a zoo in Mexico? Is the photo Dr. Shuker includes here a depiction of the adult Mickey? While mysterious big cats are fresh in your mind, the possibility of melanistic pumas in North America, as well as the evidence of the presence of Eastern Cougars, can be found in the CFZ-Canada report Canadian Black Cats. And Loren Coleman, with the help of Dr. Karl Shuker, shows a certain instance of unreliability in an online encyclopedia's posting about The White Panther of Tring. A programming note for an online broadcast features Coleman, too, as can be seen in Loren on Paracast. Meanwhile, the hard working crew at the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) have updates for you as you await two of their publications, found in Many Apologies. Also, one of the primary members of the CFZ efforts to track down the elusive Orang-pendek of Sumatra recently passed away, leaving a wife and children who could use our help. You'll find the particulars of the effort to help this man's deserving family in Donate to the Sahar Dimus Appeal.

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