Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Henry May is mad as hell and wants a retraction from M.K. Davis about Bigfoot massacre at Bluff Creek

Mitchell Waite: "The Bigfoot World (humans) needs to decide if they are Bigfoot Hunters, or Bigfoot Researchers"

The meanest review of Finding Bigfoot ever!

Tim Stover explains why he uses his thermal camera during the day [Bigfoot Hunters]

Patrick from Ohio found this shelter possibly belonging to a Bigfoot near his house and wants to know if any researchers are interested in checking it out

Todd Standing Gets on TV Show for Getting Lost in the Woods

Blue Skinned Yeti is on the cover of Willamette Week's Gift Guide

Clifford LeBrecque, a 73-year-old Norfork, IA, resident says he encountered Bigfoot in his backyard, and the frightening event led him to commission an 8-foot-tall replica of the creature to display in his livingroom. While Frank Wallis' human interest story about LeBrecque stops with LeBrecque's remarks about skeptical ridicule of Bigfoot experiencers, Lon Strickler goes further into the LeBrecque Bigfoot experience, after first citing the Wallis report, with an archived news item from 2003 in which LeBrecque details the night he says Bigfoot attacked, an account that was dredged up during hypnotic regression LeBrecque underwent with an Iowa therapist, as found in Bigfoot in the Hawkeye State. The LeBrecque Bigfoot statue may or may not be the only Bigfoot replica constructed to scale, but it definitely is not the only Bigfoot replica out there, and Loren Coleman has the story and photos of another less fearsome representation of the creature in Jackson Hole’s Bigfoot. The creature also has different names in the legends and lore of various North American locations, and Lon Strickler has one regional monicker to reveal, along with several encounter reports, in The Yucca Man.

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