Sunday, December 04, 2011

Matt Moneymaker on Dr. Melba Ketchum: "The paper was submitted to a major scientific journal and was under serious review by several top shelf scientists around the world." [Bigfoot DNA Study]

Dr. Melba Ketchum sets aside NDA to reassure everyone that Adrian Erickson and her are still friends [Bigfoot DNA Study]

Skookum Report from the 1800’s

1995 Puerto Rico Chupacabras Frontiers of Zoology
Dale Drinnon may have solved the perplexing Puerto Rican Chupacabras Benjamin Radford claims is the first mention of the creature. And Drinnon's solution, as you'll see, may be as elementary as anything ever declared by Sherlock Holmes. But is it correct? Drinnon also addresses reported sightings of dinosaur-like creatures in Texas and a giant three-toed track from Australia in Leftovers: Texas Mini-Rex Report and 'Burrunjor' Track, suggesting some more easily acceptable identifications for the creatures in the Texas sightings and a supposedly extinct giant bird in Australia. That giant bird Drinnon mentions show up again in the latest from Dr. Karl Shuker as he carefully riffles the pages of a book he obviously appreciates, as seen in Moa for Your Money - Reviewing the Best Book on the Cryptozoology of New Zealand's Avian Giants. Tracks are at the core of a recent dispute about the famous Bigfoot film of 1967, leading to Bill Munns releasing of some seldom seen images to be found in Patterson-Gimlin Filmsite Trackway. And there'll be much more about the disputed film when Eric Altman and Lon Strickler welcome this guest to tonight's 8 o'clock ET online broadcast of 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Patterson-Gimlin Film Researcher Jeff Hilling. Meanwhile, a brace of Colemans team up for a remembrance evoked in the prose and photos provided by Jerry D. Coleman for Loren's Early Fieldwork, and another Coleman is featured in Nick Redfern's posting of information about a new book, The Bigfoot Filmography by David Coleman, with foreword by Loren Coleman. The book is due out in January.

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