Wednesday, December 07, 2011

SPECIES X: PART 2 now available! [Free Bigfoot Movie]

Magani's BigfootMaps: One of the most comprehensive overview Map of North American Bigfoot Sightings (Updated)

Bear Tracks? Sasquatch or Bigfoot Tracks? Strange things happening on Tony Dean's farm in Marion VA

There's a trend going on with anomalous videos and photos of late. Strange things make appearances in them when taken by folks who aren't even looking to make a name for themselves in Fortean circles. A bunch of boys being boys appear to have spooked something from the forest and inadvertantly caught it on tape. Loren Coleman also has the story on Who Was the Spirit Cave Man, where two groups have been at odds over the lineage of one of the oldest mummies found in North America, which may redefine who and what settled there first. Rounding out your visit to CryptoMundo is a Cartoon that Characterizes the Entire Erickson Project.

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