Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Did anyone notice the BFRO's new website banners? (Updated)

Humor: Cloudy with a no chance of Bigfoot DNA [Video]

Someone overheard this on a bus in Seattle...

What author and paranormal investigator Philip Spencer thinks about the Sierra Kills and Dr. Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA study

A short story about Brenda Leask, Bigfoot witness featured on Finding Bigfoot Alaska episode

YouTube personality Tom Simon talks about the Sierra Kills and Tom Biscardi [Video]

Matt Moneymaker claims to have seen Justin Smeja's "Bigfoot steak," says he will bet a whole lot of money that Justin Smeja is lying

Bigfoot Vocalizations from Kentucky

Mangy Mutt Chupacabras Frontiers of Zoology
Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Dale Drinnon, our latter day Sherlock Holmes, picks apart the evidence behind the chupacabra and makes a case for something far less strange and more sad. But there's a cause for celebration in the news that Loren Coleman's cryptozoology Museum Showcases Expanded Quarters. And voila, Malcolm Smith translates from a French account a description of the Mythical Beings of Madagascar. Smith notes: "Readers cognisant with European fairy lore will notice some familiar themes eg changelings, the luring of mortals into water to be drowned, and the water spirits who own submarine cattle and marry human males."

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