Friday, December 09, 2011

I Don't Think There's A Sasquatch In These Woods. Review Finding ...

TimberGiantBigfoot's right-hand man Rex Dutton quits, says to beware of Men In Black

Most powerful quote of the day: Dr. John Bindernagel

Mitchell Waite explains the difference between Bigfoot Hunters versus Bigfoot Researchers

Cheers to Matt and Justin

Survival expert Jim LeBus shares his Bigfoot experience, says he will try to capture the creature

1st Review of Finding Bigfoot Pop-ups

A trip down the online corridors of cryptozoology today begins with Paul A. Trout's adaptation of a segment of his new book, Deadly Powers, in which he gives his explanation for why we're hard-wired to believe in fierce and terrible creatures, from dragons to were-beasts. The gist is that humans are carrying evolutionary memories from the days raptors from the skies and big cats and snakes from the ground attacked and fed on our ancient progenitors. All of which leads us to the field of cryptozoology, where things turn bookish as Dr. Karl Shuker, who's celebrating his birthday today, reveals the cover art and the inside workings of his new book, as seen in The Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals - A First Glimpse of My Latest Book. And Loren Coleman, responsible for some of the bestselling cryptozoology books of all time, strings together many great titles in a multiple effort with lots of cover art and some short reviews, to be found in The Top Cryptozoology Books of 2011, as well as The Top Cryptozoology Books for 2005 to 2011 and Top Coming CryptoBooks For 2012: Boggy Creek to Abominable Skeptics. Several of the titles Coleman points to in his three lists are available in time for Christmas giving through online orders from the Anomalist Books Catalog.

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