Monday, December 05, 2011

impossiblevisits: "To viewers seeking visual drama, this video is not for you."

Humor: Are you Team Justin Smeja? Ten tips and hints to fill your Bigfoot tag this season

Robert Lindsay: "Clearly, Matt [Moneymaker] is jealous" [Bigfoot DNA]

Does Bigfoot migrate? [Video]

10 other mythical creatures from around the world, other than Bigfoot

The lady at the heart of the analysis of DNA samples alleged to have come from Bigfoot has posted some information that indicates the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that had been impeding joint announcements of her research efforts in what has become known as the "Erickson project" and those of "Adrian" are in the process of being set aside. Does this mean a disclosure is imminent? The answer to that may be what is found in the response of Matt Moneymaker on Sasquatch DNA Project. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern has a suggestion for those who'd like to take to the road in search of avian anomalies in The Winged Fiend of Winona, and Ken Summers points out some ill-advised detours among the reports of larger-than-they're-supposed-to-be discoveries claimed by less than reliable sources before revealing he doesn't discount all reports of huge humans in ancient times, as explained in Dem Bones: They Might Be Giants.

Sasquatch Exhibit And New Book

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