Thursday, December 08, 2011 review of Michael Rugg from Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Robert Lindsay: Matt Moneymaker’s purported drug problems

Results of the nuclear DNA testing for the Bigfoot Steak [Sierra Kills]

Indiana Bigfoot Hunters, Tyler Vance and Austin Hutchison live on Wild World radio tonight (10pm ET / 7pm PT)

Dale Drinnon checks reports of dinosaur-like creatures in the Sunshine State and throughout the New World, all the way down to southern South America. Is there a chance some shy dinosaur is lurking in the wilds? Elsewhere, Chris of The Bigfoot Forums talks with a man who has delved deeply into both the presence of Bigfoot in a particular part of the state of Kentucky and into the area's seemingly enhanced paranormal backdrop, as revealed in an Interview with Author and Paranormal Investigator Philip Spencer. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern continues to celebrate the release of his new book that enumerates the many super secret chambers maintained by the governments of the world by exploring the tales of monstrous creatures associated with some of these bases in Lair of the Beasts: Keep Out!

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