Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Footage: Indie Filmmaker Films Strange Figure In Woods




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 Listen: Sasquatch Live Radio Talks About "Bluff Creek Massacre" And The Elbe Trackway [Uncensored]



 Three Yeti Sightings In Siberia In A Week Daily Mail

Not to be left behind in the worldwide race for Bigfoot infamy after China revealed new sightings of the Yeren recently, Siberia now claims to have new Bigfoot sightings too. The Yeti sightings took place in the very remote Kemerovo region and were described as 'bear-like' humanoid creatures covered in fur and running upright. The creatures were also estimated to be 7 feet tall. Meanwhile, Glasgow Boy shows us Some Nessie Webcam Images that show something moving half-submerged across the surface of the Loch. Stitching together the images into a gif, the webcam captured the possible Nessie on cam for 16 minutes, though as is often the case with cryptid creatures the image is just too blurry to determine for sure what we're looking at. Still, it's far more to go on than Nessie researchers have had in years. Karl Shuker explores the very real phenomenon of A Snake With A Head At Each End? - The Amphisbaena Awakes! The once mythological snake is currently alive and well in South Carolina and living live comfortably as a pet snake. The pet Amphisbaena is the only living specimen of its kind.

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