Monday, September 24, 2012

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 'Dragon' Rumours Scare Kashmir Residents Hindustan Times

Sightings of a 'large mysterious' lizard in this Himalayan region have set off a panic among residents and led authorities to set up a hunt for the creature. They believe, however, that it is nothing more than a monitor lizard, although such creatures are not usually found in hot and desert areas. Moving on to more familiar cryptozoological material, Javier Ortega provides an analysis of the intriguing “Running Bigfoot” Trail Cam Photo we mentioned yesterday, and Jonathan Poulsen gives us the lowdown onBigfoot: The Romney Connection. Lastly, we have Karl Shuker on The Stuffed Dodo That Was A No-no! This is an unusual case in which "a complete, near-perfect, genuine stuffed dodo would be one of the greatest zoological finds of modern times –- almost as amazing as discovering a living, breathing dodo!"

Bigfoot Discovery Day V, October 20, 2012


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