Saturday, September 29, 2012

Listen To The Most Vocal Bigfoots In The U.S.




 FB/FB Where Possible Hoaxers Send their Videos to be Authenticated? [Humor]




 Science Set Free - Good News for Lumbering Robots SF Gate

The first thing to understand with Rupert Sheldrake's upcoming Science Set Free is not an answer to Dawkin's The God Delusion. It explores the possibilities of an open-minded approach to science, leaving behind the mechanistic-materialism stifling innovation. Deepak Chopra ably deconstructs the dogma. From philosophy to proposals, the Oracle of the Underworld Micah Hanks goes into The Science Of Ghost Hunting: Logical Leaps Of Faith are necessary for a successful investigation. Key to this enterprise is understanding why ghost hunting gear may be a hinderance, instead of an asset. A pragmatic approach is an asset to comprehending the Paradox of Hoaxes: How Errors Persist, Even When Corrected. Samuel Arbesman emphasizes the fluidity of data and knowledge in the information age. Case in point is a study on spinach taking on a life of its own. An error led to an error, to yet another error with another waiting in the wings. Loren Coleman read the same article, broaching the subject of The Hoaxing Of Hoax Claims. From the famous 'Surgeon's Photo' to the celebrated Patterson-Gimlin film, Loren takes issue where people find fakery when there is no evidence of fakery. Such is the Tao of Fort.

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