Friday, September 28, 2012

FB/FB Believes The "Camper" Video Is Not A Hoax Because The Hoaxer Says So




 A Real Life Dragon, Not a Werewolf




 Thom Powell: I'm inclined to say that the Elbe trackway looks fake




 Is FB/FB (FACEBOOK FINDBLOBSQUATCH) Eager To Help Hoaxers Get Confirmation On Their Videos As Factual Bigfoot Evidence?




 Steve Kulls Calls It: Tent video is from Rick Dyer…




 Sharon Lee On Cell Phone Video Hoax And Facebook Find Bigfoot




 Breaking: Is Rick Dyer Behind The Camper/Tent Hoax?




 The Great New England Vampire Panic Smithsonian Magazine

Vampires once again rise from their graves in New England, quite literally as a supposed vampire skull was discovered by a kid in 1990. That skull along with a few other human bones arranged in bizarre ways led to an investigation of what the police initially thought was the work of a modern-day serial killer. As is often the case with all things Fortean, truth turned out to be much stranger than fiction and the resulting story reads like a horror novel full of mysterious deaths, creepy strangers and restless undead from the 18th century. Meet the Real-Life Vampires of New England and Abroad who were the actual unfortunate victims of the vampire craze that struck New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Continuing on with the sudden vampire craze that has struck paranormal bloggers lately, Beachcombing shares a cautionary historical tale warning us to Never Fall Asleep in a Hungarian Cemetery. We are fairly certain we will never find ourselves in that situation but we thank Beachcombing for the helpful tip!
The Travel Channel is launching a new ghost hunter show as a probable companion piece to "Ghost Adventures" since it's executive produced by Zac Baggins. The show sounds like a rehash of SyFy's "Fact or Fiction" and features Joshua P. Warren who is the same guy who was involved in the Freezer Bigfoot Body hoax years ago, so we are a bit less than impressed (Asheville ghost hunter Joshua P. Warren puts Bigfoot body up for sale on eBay). Moving on to a just as fake but far more entertaining subject, io9 gives us a close glimpse at Wendigo Psychosis: the Probably Fake Disease that Turns People into Cannibals, who as far as we know do not stuff their victims into freezers for later...or put their bodies on eBay either.
Malcom Smith ponders the identity of the recently sighted Lake Labynkyr Monster and concludes that it is most likely a fish, albeit a very, very large one. Plunging even further into the watery depths, Cosmos magazine presents Secrets of the squid from Hell revealed, a rare and very peculiar species that feasts only on dead flesh and is known as the "Vampire Squid". Meanwhile, Karl Shuker is Kicking up a stink about the Ink monkey, a very rare and tiny monkey that is almost always misidentified and Dale Drinnon introduces us to a new species of carnivore foun in Madagascar--the Durrell’s Vontsira.
It seems that even Canadian Bigfoot shares his country's famous politeness as he seems reluctant to step out into the spotlight and be discovered. Biologist John Bindernagel states emphatically that Canadian Sasquatch is out there, just waiting to be discovered. Jeff Meldrum agrees with him, saying "It's just a matter of time" before Canada produces unquestionable Bigfoot proof. Of course, skeptics see the glass half-empty and regard the lack of evidence proof that Canadian Bigfoot does not exist at all.

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