Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wow!: Three New Abominable Snowmen Sightings In Row In Siberia




 It's Entertaining To Watch Gorillas Being Entertained By a Caterpillar [Video]




 Were Those Black Bears Near Fort Totten Metro Station? Fox News

A commuter had a stroke of luck, spying a pair of black animals from his platform. He passed the story onto Bob Bernard, asking straphangers and specialists alike if there's a pair of bears in urban Maryland. With photos and video. In the past couple of years, there's been more than 300 sightings contributing to Dorset's Big Cat Riddle. Emma Walker runs down the best stories, with contributions from experts to explain why Dorset is a hot spot for ABC's. More curiously the Granite State Skeptics director of investigations, Kitty Lapin Agile, remembers when "Travis And I Saw A Chupacabra". Despite fellow skeptics sticking to the party line of mangy dogs, both doubters had their eyes and minds opened to the possibilities. From confrontations with chupacabras to brushes with bigfoot, In Willow Creek There Are Bigfoot Believers. Though he doesn't spy a sasquatch, Sam McManis discovers that bigfoot deniers are exception rather than the rule in hairy hominid country. After an afternoon at the China Flat Museum's Bigfoot exhibit, it appears the seeds of credulity have been sown.

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