Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neanderthals Were Right-Handed, We Place Our Bets On FB/FB Talking About Bigfoots Being Right-Handed Asians In Their Next Video




 Our Editorial On The Sierra Kills




 I wonder if Bigfoot is afraid of spiders?




 Bigfoot, The Mosaic Evolution




 The Bigfoot Chicks Competition Doesn't Have a Blog, But They Do Have Horses




 4-Wheeler Bigfoot Back In The News Again, Probably Stolen This Time




 Preserving the African Bigfoot of the Maasai




 Skamania Bigfoot Bash and Bounty




 Ohio Bigfoot Video Filmed a Month After Multiple Sightings Reported on Local News




 "Office" Spin-off will feature Dwight's Bigfoot Hunting Brother




 The Top Ten Paranormal Beasts In Britain ShukerNature

Some of Karl Shuker's beasts defy explanation with no plausible analogue in reality. Yet stories abound from the UK covering a broad menagerie full of horse-men, horned cats, among other horrors. One shouldn't be entirely surprised considering England's strong faerie tradition, rivalling the USA's native son Bigfoot. In fact, there's New Footage Of Bigfoot In Conifer, Colorado. It's totally not staged since everyone loudly announces, "It's a sasquatch" without a single hint of panic in their voice. If they were non-plussed by the encounter, why not walk up to it and invite them to the camper for tea? Some questions need no answers.

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