Monday, August 20, 2012

A proposal in the interest of garnering greater general credibility for the online Bigfoot community



 Mysterious Finned Creature Sighted Skegness Standard

A three-finned unidentified animal was caught on film in a short but intriguing video from a UK beach recently. The video clearly shows three "fins" bobbing in the ocean just a few yards from beachgoers. It was confirmed as a basking shark by a biologist soon after seeing the video, but we wonder why no one reported seeing a shark? And why is it so close to the beach? At any rate, it's a great mystery to ponder with solid evidence, which is in itself more of a rarity than spotting a possible giant sea creature. On the subject of firm evidence of mysterious underwater cryptids, The Week urges us to Listen to the scientist who gave the Loch Ness monster credibility. Robert Harvey Rines first spotted Nessie in 1972 while on vacation and then devoted much of his life to chasing down further evidence. Rines firmly believed that Nessie was a leftover plesiosaur, a genetic throwback from the Jurassic period. Rines was a former military intelligence officer, inventor, scientist and lawyer. He also gave frequent lectures at MIT and was admired and considered quite distinguished among his academic peers. In other words, his testimony is unshakable. Sadly, his theory was generally ridiculed, and Rines died in 2009 still believing Nessie existed but without his much sought after concrete, unquestionable proof.

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