Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yes I said it: "I believe in Bigfoot"




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 Mysterious Unidentified Screams Caught On Video: Bigfoot?




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 Aussie Discovers A Yowie's Amazing Visual Acuity




 Snackin' With Sasquatch: Sasquatch Not a Morning Person




 10 Extraordinary Questions With Ron Morehead of Bigfoot Sounds Extraordinary Intelligence

It's safe to say that these recordings are the weirdest sounds you'll hear today. And if they aren't, then we'd sure like to know what is. Ron Morehead recorded several hours of what he claims is Bigfoot "speech" back in the early 1970s while camping in a remote, undisclosed area. The examples contain snarling, growling, howling, moaning and very fast vocalization unlike anything we've ever heard. The reel to reel recordings have since been tested and retested and confirmed authentic, in that they haven't been sped up or tampered with. Recently, an experienced crypto-linguist announced he hears an underlying language within the babbling. Go have a listen and think of the implications of those sounds if they are real...Bigfoot may have also yelled at a group of campers recently in Sequoia National Forest: Mysterious Unidentified Screams Caught On Video: Bigfoot? The Bob Ross-like composure and calmness of the narrator as he quietly declares, "It seems to be getting closer" is almost as inexplicable as the sounds themselves.

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