Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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 Tim Fasano's Finding Skunk Ape Video Bigfoot Evidence

We waited all day yesterday for this much-hyped video of undeniable proof of the Skunk Ape's existence and ended up with this, 23 minutes of badly filmed footage of...swamps and a few rhesus monkeys in trees. The quality is terrible, the audio is even worse and the music is beyond irritating and distracting. Worst of all, Fasano provides absolutely no proof of the Skunk Ape except for some admittedly interesting print casts. However, the prints have nothing to do with the small monkeys shown that Fasano seems to be indicating are Skunk Apes. Actually, we aren't sure what Fasano is implying because his narration and "theories" are as clear as the swamp mud he seems to enjoy filming. All his work seems to be doing nothing more than clouding the water for other Bigfoot researchers and casting a negative light upon the entire community. Is Fasano trolling us all? If so, he's the only one laughing.

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