Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Extraordinary Questions With… Ron Morehead of ‘Bigfoot Sounds’




 Here's 14 Glorious Minutes of The Bottle Tosser Bigfoot Video From M.K. Davis




 Bobo's Life Changing Experience




 ESPN's Colin Cowherd Claims "Patterson-Gimlin film was confirmed as a hoax"




 This Skull Pushes Back Human Occupation Of Southeast Asia And Australia By 20000 Years io9

It seems to be an almost monthly occurrence now--researchers uncovering even more evidence that points us further back along our own evolutionary trail. This time, a fossil find in Laos inside a remote cave reveals modern humans spread out across the globe 20,000 years earlier than previously assumed and indicates that earliest modern man went in several directions as he migrated out of Africa. Astonishingly, some people, such as Creationists, staunchly question such evidence and flat-out deny the cold, hard facts. Although it's easy to mock such firmly held and mostly wrong beliefs, science itself is sometimes just as hard-headed and mired in erroneous belief systems: Biologist Rupert Sheldrake Explains the Ten Dogmas Holding Science Back.

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