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Tim Stover's "Bigfoot Scares Hunters And Their Dogs" Video Breaks 150,000 Views In Under 7 Months




Mark Your Calendars For The Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium In October 2012 [Bigfoot Community]





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Images Of Thermal Footage And Foot Print From Destination Truth's Vietnam Bigfoot Episode





40th anniversary of Missouri's Bigfoot, the Momo





Except for the Giant Wombats, all of the above was involved in just one Yowie encounter, as Damien Bravo explains. In 2009, construction worker Dean Harrison says he was attacked and beaten up by a Yowie that left prints on the construction site excavator. Harrison is not shy in sharing the physical evidence as the photographs show. The man was certainly tossed around by something...Like the Yowie, the Mothman seems a bit fond of roughing people up and even killing them if all the stories are to be believed. A local news station revisits Point Pleasant, West Virginia and finds that the residents are still understandably unsettled about the subject: Ohio's Mysteries: The Legend Of Mothman. Who Forted examines another crpytid mystery just north of Ohio and nearly as ominous as Mothman: Classic Cryptid: The Legend of the Jersey Devil. The Jersey devil has been reported for 275 years in the Pine Barrens area and no one is any closer to explaining what exactly it is. The creature tends to mostly frighten hikers out in the woods but has been known to terrorize whole towns, as it did in 1909 for an entire week. The Cryptid Chronicles brings us a great overview of another elusive creature, this one slightly less threatening perhaps only by virtue of being limited to water, Pressie the Lake Superior Sea Serpent. Like all great cryptid creatures, Pressie has been reported for over a century and has been captured only in a handful of blurry photographs. 

Snackin' with Sasquatch: Book Club

New Snackin' with Sasquatch Commercial: Book Club. You can take Sasquatch out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of Sasquatch.
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