Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In a rather unsettling snippet of an upcoming interview, Justin Smeja doesn't seem all that concerned that he shot and killed a Bigfoot. Or so he claims. He states that he would happily shoot anything that looks out of place in the woods. His account of the infamous Sierra Kills incident, corroborated by his hunting partner, does seem to contain some truth but as usual we are left waiting for the rest of the story and the results from the Ketchum hair sample test, aka the slowest published paper in history. Speaking of evidence, Bigfoot hair sells for $225 at a Texas auction; is it real? You don't even have to be a skeptic to doubt that claim. The hair is being sold in 100 lots, which means either someone managed to find a Saquatch barber shop or this is a blatant fake. Sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction, and Io9 tells the twisted tale of two brothers named Heck who were behind The Nazi breeding program that resurrected an extinct species--the auroch. The brothers very carefully crossbred several breeds of cattle until they achieved the perfect match and then inexplicably released the aurochs 'back into the wild' in dense German forests where they quickly became extinct once again.

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