Monday, July 09, 2012

Bigfoot Whisperer Rob Fairless Releases Thermal Footage Of Bigfoot's Face [Humor]




Lawyer Blog Thinks Fmr Oregon Gov Embrace of Bigfoot is Damaging, Not True









 Bigfoot Evidence: Photos Of The Day: Patty's Cranial Proportions Compared To Ape, Giant Foot Print I






The Bigfoot Whisperer - Bigfoot Face Caught On Thermal Camera - Episode 5 - AlienInformation

The Bigfoot Whisperer returns with one of the most amazing photographs EVER captured in the history of photography. The Whisperer uses today's ...
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The Legend of Boggy Creek Trailer (1972)

Charles B. Pierce's 1972 docudrama based on the Bigfoot type creature called The Fouke Monster. The film takes place in Fouke Arkansas and is based ...
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The Harrison Sasquatch Meditating

... deannnajones ... "Bigfoot (Film Subject)" ...
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