Sunday, July 08, 2012

Exclusive Preview: Justin Smeja Speaks Out On Camera For The First Time About Two Bigfoots Shot (Update: Video is up)




Dr. Melba Ketchum Reports That There Is Nothing To Report (Yet)




The Oldest Modern Human DNA Found In 7,000 Year Old Cavemen Bones




This Is The Bigfoot Hair That Was Recently Sold To A Museum For $225




M.K. Davis Enhanced Overlay With Patty And A 6-Foot-Tall Person




Bigfoot Researchers: Forget To Bring Your Camping Chair? No Worries




US Federal Govt: Denies Mermaids and Embraces Bigfoot




Over in Big Sky Country where the waters run deep, Laney Hanzel is collecting data on his local cryptid. Doctors, lawyers, and other trustworthy professions have his phone ringing off the hook after sightings of this lake monster. Elsewhere, deep in the Pine Barrens, a spittin' distance from Leed's Point where the appropriate exit number would be 666, is the east coast's most notorious cryptid. Josh Sanofsky asks you to join him around the chiminea as he regales you with a Classic Cryptid: The Legend Of The Jersey Devil. Looking further back in history and farther away from the Garden State Parkway, Andrew Nicholson talks about the Phantom Animal Prowling Tasmania's Huon Valley. Could this area be the final preserve of the late, lamented thylacine or could those eucalyptid canopies provide cover for something far stranger? One can't mention cryptids without Loren Coleman raising his head like Nessie. He reminisces upon That Jungian Year: 1977 where Richard Dreyfus got half of a suntan, Elvis died on the toilet, and the release of Star Wars. Let's not forget a young man from Illinois who raised a ruckus in biological circles and his very first book celebrating Bigfoot, giant birds, among other beasties of the bumper crop of 1977.

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