Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Explanation Of Bigfoot Eye Shine





Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson Brings Bigfoot To ESPY Awards





Did Destination Truth finally capture evidence of Bigfoot in Vietnam and manages to impress Jeff Meldrum who states that the the casts at least are the best evidence he's seen from Vietnam. Cue the next episode full of 45 minutes of "What was that?" "Did you hear that?" "There's something out here!" and 5 minutes of actual evidence, but in this case the dramatics might be worth it. Linda Godfrey shares her tale of a recent possible Bigfoot encounter in Wisconsin wherein she seemed to be communicating via wood knocking with something that she could not see: The Bigfoot Branch? After a few rounds of tree knocking, the unseen conversationalist yanked a huge 20 foot long branch off a tree nearby and hurled it to the ground. Later on, Godfrey's companion spotted a bipedal creature striding off into the woods. Apparently, this particular Bigfoot was showing the puny humans who had the bigger stick. Soon after, Godfrey left the area in a hurry and wisely so. Damien Bravo delves into The Life and Times of the Russian Almas/Yeti, Bigfoot's coneheaded cousin that is rumored to have mated with humans at some point in history. What exactly is the Almas? Bigfoot? Human? Something in between?

Interview Autumn Williams

This is an interview I had done with Autumn back in August of 2009.
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Jack Link's - Sasquatch in the Middle

As we all know, nothing attracts a curious Sasquatch like kids dancing with glow sticks. And of course, nothing turns a curious Sasquatch angrier ...
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Jack Link's - Gaming

rated "D" for "Don't-under-any-circumstances-play-anywhere-near-a-Sasquatch-with-impossible-strength-and-fondness-for-cute-doe-eyed-forest- ...
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