Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Crypto Crew Breaks Down "Hey Bigfoot" In Georgia Video





This New Book "The Smarter Ape Theory" By FB/FB Costs $130,000 To Create





Mike Rugg and The Bigfoot Discovery Museum Still Need Your Help





Seeing isn't always believing, as you shall discover, when it comes to young boys and their fancies. Dr. Beachcombing has an anecdote where a young lad thought he spied a mermaid, only to have the fantasy dashed upon the same rocks where she sunned herself after some cad lent him a pair of binoculars. As a bonus he shares a tale of a helicopter pilot having fun at his friend's expense. One doesn't have to be Welsh or a boy to make these kinds of mistakes. What happens when a Man Calls Police On 'Cougar'; Turns Out To Be A House Cat? Eric Pfeiffer has the sordid tale of mistaken identity with a picture of the tubby tabby who recently caused so much grief. Continuing with our theme, CFZ Australia reports on The Hunter's Boolaroo Beast Re-Examined. In this case, The Newcastle Herald's crack blog team has come to the conclusion that the evidence makes a strong case for the beast's existence. Certainly helps when a member of the team witnessed the big cat first-hand. Encounters such as these will make people catch the cryptozoology bug, and no one knows this more than good ole Nick Redfern. This week he talks about his colleague Neil Arnold and how A Monster Hunter Is Born. Neil is candid about how The Legend of Boggy Creek and his family's ghost stories lit a fire in him to explore the frontiers of forteana. Goodness only knows what caught Linda Godfrey's imagination when it comes to lycanthropes. Find out with us as we download Episode 722 of Mysterious Universe for more details on her latest Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America, Jerusalem fever, and the ghosts of Roman soldiers.

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