Monday, June 11, 2012

Joeb Black Captured Possible Bigfoot on Plot Watcher Trail Camera





Jack Link’s Jerky Celebrates National Jerky Day with Sasquatch Art.





The Professor thinks we should take a closer look at the Iceland "sea serpent" before dismissing it as an odd formation of melting ice. He points to the farmer who videoed the strange sight as proof it's the real deal because the farmer is a local who has lived next to the lake for decades and would know the difference between ice and a living creature. There is also its snake-like undulations to consider, which, as far as we know, is not a trait of melting ice floating in water. Discovery asks the same question-Is this the Icelandic Lake Monster? and concludes that no, it is not. Or at least it's not a snake because snakes require a warm climate to survive so the least likely location for one to be spotted is in a lake full of ice. No one really knows what it is but at least it's a welcome break from zombie outbreak reports. 
This article positively reeks of trying to fill a writing quota by taking the theory of Bigfoot=alien and stretching it so thin it becomes completely ridiculous. The theory isn't that strong in the first place and this badly written piece just adds fuel to the fire in the war of words between believers and skeptics, giving skeptics points just for showing up to the discussion. The ever controversial FB/FB Analyzes Mink Creek Idaho Bigfoot Footage Sent In By Dr. Jeff Meldrum and creates quite a stir. Most of the debate is over the footage itself, which some say has been clearly proven to be a bear. Cue the usual bickering in the comments.

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