Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gaining a firmer foothold on those Yowie sightings - Local News - News - General - Goulburn Post

KATOOMBA man Rex Gilroy is a man on a mission. He is planning to come to the Goulburn region soon to...

The Sierra Sounds Are Even Creepier When Played Back By A Campfire





Benjamin Radford Writes Predictable Critique on Bigfoot Conferences





Fundraiser: Bigfoot Discovery Museum





The very title of this article echoes our doubt as to the veracity of this particular report. Along with the fact that the woman deliberately ran over what could possibly have been a person in a costume, she also claims the she made a phone call to 911, records of which could not be found later. Nor was any hair or blood found at the site but she did find hair on her car and threw it away--and perhaps most unbelievably, was driving a Honda Civic at the time which was undamaged. After reading of Karl Shuker's exhaustive and impressive attempts to solve the decades old mystery of Loch Watten's Missing Monster - Whatever Happened To Wattie? we think maybe he should take a stab at cases like the Honda Civic vs Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern reports recent encounters with The Little Bigfoot Phenomenon, a legendary creature that for centuries has caused mischief and stalks its victim of choice, teetotalers in Wales. It is apparently staging a comeback by now terrorizing local villagers. Loren Coleman also revisits a legend-- the Wampus: Mystery Cat, Swamp Monster, or Booger Bigfoot? Also known as the cattywampus, the mysterious cat-like creature is featured as school mascot in four states.

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