Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo of The Day: Bigfoot Watching Researchers From Hill In Ontario, Canada





"Forest Boy" showed up last year in Berlin claiming he had lived in the forest for the past 5 years with his father. His father died and the boy says he buried him and returned to civilization according to his father's last wishes. Interestingly, Forest Boy had unusually clean hands and trimmed fingernails, an oddly clean tent and was able to use cell phones and computers quite easily. We don't think there's much of a mystery behind this kid, other than why he is spinning this bizarre tale about himself. We're also awaiting the inevitable "Boy raised by Bigfoot" and "Alien boy appears in Berlin" Weekly World News-esque stories to show up.

Damien Bravo suggests that Bigfoot may be the distant cousin of the Ground Sloth as opposed to primates. He presents a well-thought out list of evidence to support his theory and it's an idea that we've never considered, especially the fact that Bigfoot are never sighted running or even moving all that fast. Bravo thinks this could possibly be due to Bigfoot having a sloth-like skeletal system. His theory is certainly "out there" but shouldn't be too quickly dismissed. After all, there are also theories that link Bigfoot to UFOs and other dimensions so a theory of a different species not too much of an unrealistic leap in logic. In other Bigfoot news, Bigfoot museum founder, behind on taxes, hopes attendance will rise; county sets June 29 deadline in Felton, California and Loren Coleman informs us that Phillip V. Tobias, Former ISC Director and Famed Palaeoanthropologist Dies.

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