Friday, May 25, 2012

Finding Bigfoot has "compelling audio evidence" of Yowies in Australia

A while ago we reported on Stephen McCullah's Kickstarter project to hunt mokele mbembe for a documentary. They've hit their goal and the expedition will start soon. Thing is that Brian Switek looks askance upon it, giving a case for the beast's non-existence in addition to the non-existence of a scholarly approach. Instead it looks like a cash grab to produce yet another cable documentary that will be unsatisfying for mainstreamers and mavericks. Speaking of cable documentaries,Mermaids: The Body Found has piqued Dr. Beachcombing's fancy. Consulting his collection for the origins of mermaids, Beach discovers The Problem With Sea Apes. He finds three hypotheses which need addressing on how they entered humanity's consciousness. More deserving of our hard earned cash, if only to cover his library late fees, is The Professor. His third installment of the fascinating "DRAGON": A Mass Of Confusion continues apace. From lindworms, lungs, and leviathans, The Professor looks at legends and lore for the source of inspiration for dragons. Cryptozoology isn't all about academic research, there's field work to be done. One encounter in Florida has delivered enough to make anyone exclaim "Wow!" Florida Retired Wildlife Officer Gives Enough Detail Of Bigfoot To Make You Doubt It Was A Bear. The witness proves his mettle after speaking with David Bakara from the BFRO, laying the ground for this convincing case.

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