Saturday, May 26, 2012

US TV crew claims Bigfoot-type creature is roaming the Aussie bush
FOX 4 News
BRISBANE, Australia -- A US television crew has recorded what it believes is compelling audio evidence of the existence of a Bigfoot-type creature in Australia. The four-member team from the Animal Planet "Finding Bigfoot" series was on an expedition ...
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Scientists to Start Hunt for Bigfoot
French Tribune
It is being doubted by some scientists that Bigfoot is still alive and thus, a new project has been planned to be started by them so as to begin the hunt again, a report has uncovered recently. As per the report, previous evidences about their survival ...
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This is why so many Bigfoot photographs are blurry

Finding Bigfoot casts its net over the outback. They've announced, and Geoff Shearer reports, they've caught Australia's elusive ape man's cry on tape. The episode is still in production, so no sneak peeks, but James "Bobo" Fay of the BFRO declares this to be their most successful expedition to date. It's all well and good that Finding Bigfoot is bringing a new generation into our fortean fold, but will the show have the same longevity as the best sasquatch film? Rejoice, or wonder where the time has gone, as The Legend Of Boggy Creek Turns 40. One part anomalous documentary, one part Manos: The Hands of Fate, and two parts of awesome, Charles Pierce's opus stands out to this very day. Plus the Fouke Monster still makes appearances, but refuses to give autographs. Considering the sensationalism behind Boggy Creek, mainstream scientists like to deride cryptozoology, despite the fact if it wasn't for our field we wouldn't have Top 10 New Species Of 2011 Named By Conservation Group. Not as sexy or fantastic as lake monsters, hairy hominids, nor tropical goatsuckers, new species are being uncovered every day underscoring the validity of our field. Plus they're plenty weird too. No stranger to the strange, Dr. Karl Shuker gives a peek at his investigative process when he confronts tales of new creatures. Recently, he's come across tales of theGooseberry Wife - Or Caterpillar Collective. Drawing upon his formidable knowledge of biology and zoology, Karl eliminates the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, must be worthy of further investigation.

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