Thursday, May 24, 2012

An open letter to Animal Planet and the Producers of "Finding Bigfoot"

"Finding Bigfoot" resident skeptic Ranae Holland answers some questions from After Ellen and discusses how difficult it is to be the only skeptic in the "family" of investigators on the show. She gives her theories on the Patterson-Gimilin film, the possible origins of Bigfoot and reveals the few times that she experienced something unexplained while on the hunt that made her question her skepticism. Loren Coleman discusses another very different sort of Bigfoot hunter with Swarzak¹s Squatching. Anthony Swarzak of the Minnestota Twins may be the most well known MLB Bigfoot hunter, and as a matter of fact may be MLB's only Bigfoot hunter and cites a lifelong fascination with the subject. Nick Redfern takes us on hisChupacabra Adventures in Puerto Rico while filming the show Proof Positive for SyFy channel. He reveals that the hunt for chupacabra turned into something far more stranger. Over on The Big Study, The Professor turns his attention to dragons once again, this time focusing on Chinese dragons and then moving on to Greek dragons of myth and lore, in "Dragon": A Mass of Confusion, part two. The depiction of dragons is oddly similar across the cultures and centuries.

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