Monday, May 21, 2012

Man Says He Talks To Sasquatches and Aliens, John Lloyd Scharf Says He's Staying As Far Away As Possible From The Guy





Incredible Account Of Freshly Killed Deer Ripped In Half (Possibly By Bigfoot)





Kewaunee claims to be in constant telepathic contact with both Bigfoot and ETs and says he was "shocked!!!" when Bigfoot first contacted him in 1979. We suspect that the local Bigfoot population would have been shocked to hear that also. Nick Redfern tells us that a lot of true believers hold on to the motto: I (Don't) Want to Believe, when it comes to subjects like Bigfoot and UFOs when their iconic cases are threatened with alternative and more mundane explanations, like Roswell being the work of humans rather than aliens or giant eels being mistaken for cryptoid beast Nessie. 

Willow Creek Follow up Visit: Face Anomaly and Dark Figure

but it is a curious anomaly. Thanks for pointing these out to me lita. ... Sasquai Nation ... bigfoot sasquatch longview alberta face anomaly lita9281 ...
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Bigfoot Country by Helicopter 2.wmv

us on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We enjoy comments because it promotes "talking bigfoot." ... Erbag 46 ... bigfoot ...
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