Sunday, April 01, 2012

"The Best Bigfoot Tracker In The World" Rick Dyer Says He's Here To Stay



Kentucky Man's Description of 36 to 42 Inch Tall Sasquatch





Trail Cam Shots Of The Day: Bigfoot Hunting Turkey, Hunter's 9 Frames Of "Bigfoot"





Learn How To Make A Delicious Pastry Using Bigfoot Beer





Even though it's cold in Siberia, the trail is still hot for hairy hominids, as evinced by this video which came up randomly on YouTube. Some Russian outdoorsmen stumbled across fresh giant tracks in an area their companion claims is a known Bigfoot stomping grounds. In the comments some argue the tracks are different than the new world sasquatch. Coincidentally, Dale Drinnon provides some Commentary on Adaptive Radiations, Bushy Evolutionary Trees, and Relict Hominoids, where he addresses diversity, tackles taxonomy, and rethinks the primate family tree from a Fortean perspective with a little assistance from many prominent cryptozoologists, including Tyler Stone who has penned his Sea Serpents: Responses to Critics Part Two. Here Stone defends his thesis from those who mistakenly belabor the pinniped theories with specious reasoning. Still it's Sunday and April Fool's Day, so we'd be remiss avoiding pranks. Our friend Loren Coleman presents his Top Ten Reasons For Cryptozoology Hoaxes as well as a rundown of the All-Time Best Cryptozoology April Fools’ Jokes, from night-singing mice to the wily mock-walrus.



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