Friday, April 06, 2012

Why We Don't Censor Comments





Sweet Home Louisiana Bigfoot [Free Episode]







Ah Spring, when an anomalist's fancy turns to lake monsters. Last Wednesday a Scotsman spotted a school of fish raising a fuss in the waters, perhaps to escape the gaping maw of the resident plesiosaur. Break out your cameras because the season has only just begun. Over in the USA Tom Fonner, who is part of some Regional Research and Field Investigation Teams, has been enjoying the backcountry of the American southwest for decades and has a case of sasquatch fever. He shows the advantages of collaboration shifting focus away from attention seekers and pranksters towards valuable empirical evidence. Even if you find yourself to be a homebody you can get a vicarious thrill with New Found Bigfoot Footage Exists. Loren Coleman has the behind the scenes scoop about this new film set to portray Bigfoot's darker side.

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