Thursday, April 05, 2012

BoBo Fay Of Finding Bigfoot Endorses The Lost Coast Tapes





Regional Research and Field Investigation Teams





Damian Bravo approaches the mystery of Bigfoot from a genetic standpoint, and delves into the physical size and musculature of the creature. Without a body to examine and prove theories, Bravo attempts to explain why Sasquatch is such a giant size by comparing known evidence against primates. Bravo hypothesizes that a genetic mutation may have led to human brains increasing in size while human bodies did not whereas without the mutation, Bigfoot's body size continued to increase. From Frontiers of Zoology comes Dale Drinnon's latest research: Skunk Apes Part 2. What exactly is the peculiar-looking Skunk Ape of Florida? An escaped orangutan? A mutant Bigfoot cousin? A Neanderthal throwback? And finally, heads up Michigan Bigfoot enthusiasts: ‘Finding Bigfoot’ filming for several days in area. Be prepared for loud Bigfoot calls, wood knocking and frantic whispers of "Did you hear that?" echoing throughout the Michigan woods.

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