Monday, April 02, 2012

Exclusive: Listen To Extinct? Radio Interview With 2008 Bigfoot Hoaxer Rick Dyer





Richard Stubstad is now a part of THE AZCRO team. AZCRO will consult with him and he will be a part of all investigations past, present and future





Sketch Of Maine Allagash Bigfoot Sighting





The Centre for Fortean Zoology (Canada) tackles the frequently overlooked subject of Bigfoot's legs, which could help identify the true nature of the elusive creature. There isn't enough "leg evidence" yet to prove if Sasquatch is more ape or human. We have long known that Florida is downright strange in its own right, and the addition of "cryptozoology hot spot" to the state's strange accolades is not surprising. The Land of Monsters, Mysteries is full of Sasquatch sightings, various sea monsters and even a flying ape-like creature. And finally, The Atlantic Cities brings us a nice round-up of Imaginary Monsters of US Cities from the Dover Demon to the Sarasota Skunk Ape. This list is nothing particularly new to anyone familiar with cryptozoology, but we question the inclusion of the homeless Mole People of New York. Really, Atlantic Cities? Homeless equal monsters? 

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