Saturday, April 07, 2012

Would you put the camera down?

The Sasquatch and the Great Apes





Woman's "Amityville Horror" Moment With a Bigfoot (Get's Out!)




What's better than a hairy homonid? Two hairy homonids! Lon Strickler finds in some reader mail a chance encounter in Minnesota leaving no doubt to the identity of the beasts. We just won't ask how the witness knows they were both males. If you're keeping track of sightings on a map, you'll be tickled to read The Habits and Whereabouts of the “Sasquatch” aka “Bigfoot” where Mai-Li interviews Tom Hughes who claims to have communicated with many a Bigfoot over the years. Herein is the tale of their fantastic origins and citing an ordinance which settles the capture-or-kill debate, at least in Skamania County, Washington. If you remember, a recording of a sasquatch cry has been making the rounds. Now SuperSoylent2 Debunks Popular Bigfoot Howl by pointing out the clue which revealed the hoax. Don't despair because you'll find reason to smile with Sweet Home Louisiana Bigfoot, the first in a new web series depicting reenactments of real Bigfoot encounters. This one comes across as Andy Griffith meets The Legend of Boggy Creek with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

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