Tuesday, March 06, 2012

TeamTazerBigfoot Tries To Duplicate The Mid-Tarsal Break, Dr. Meldrum Says The Human Foot Is Incapable of a Mid-Tarsal Break

Putting An End To The Hovey Bigfoot Photo Fiasco!

Folks get lost every day, regardless if they're told to or not. Even more wind up wandering the wilderness of vast national parks. Now David Paulides has written a book, Missing-411, that attempts to make sense of the statistics, finding patterns and correspondences that suggest a connection with America's most elusive hominid. Less scarce and twice as awesome, without having to shill Dos Equis, is Michael Merchant. Who? You might know him as SnowWalkerPrime on YouTube, and if you have a moment Listen To This Intimate Interview With The Most Interesting Man In Bigfootery and, trust us, he delivers with the goods. But giving him a run for his money is Dale Drinnon who's just as interesting but much more thorough. Today's installment covers The Local Bigfoots. It seems the cryptids of the Bluegrass State come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from skunk apes, traditional sasquatches, and the goat-like Pope Lick monster. Leave it to Drinnon to find plenty of photos, accounts, and evidence for these cryptids. Meanwhile south of the border, the wily chupacabras still roams, raising cain and letting blood from unwary livestock. With his hand on the pulse of Latin American forteana, Scott Corrales has a dispatch of Chupacabras Strikes in Michoacán where these monsters remain more clever than one could dare imagine. Don't just take Scott's word for it because there's video regarding the Chupacabras Attacks in Michoacán. From one bloodsucker to another, Cyriaque Lamar has come across Probably the Only Medical Study of the Effects of Garlic on Vampires. Since humans make awful vampires, they tested on more humble subjects with similar appetites. And this isn't the first scientific study of Homo sanguinus, as you'll discover.

Anatomy of Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture by David Claerr

Buster Olney’s Bigfoot Tweet

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