Wednesday, March 07, 2012

In defense of Melissa Hovey

Melissa Hovey Pushes Back At One Of Her Biggest Critics, Damian Bravo

Loren Coleman relays a fisherman's first-person encounter with a strange human-like creature at Thetis Lake in British Columbia that left a lasting impression him and his car door. On the other side of the pond, we have Some Tales of Mhorag of Loch Morar. Stories of the mythic creature Mhorag have come to light with the translation of early 20th century Gaelic sources. In the midst of the folklore, there's one simple description that raises the most questions, that of the Mhorag appearing as a "black heap" moving through the water like a "boat water logged," which sounds more than a little like good old Nessie from a few lochs down the road. Speaking of mythological beasts, Karl Shuker demonstrates how easy it is to photoshop Modern-day Nagas, the multi-headed cobra deity of Buddhist mythology. There's even a step-by-step youtube tutorial to help you create your own.

A short but intriguing Facebook question and answer sessions with Dr. Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot and DNA. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman offers an explanation for ESPN writer Buster Olney’s Bigfoot Tweet. But he wonders which MLB player Olney is referring to. Then in From a Haunted Abbey to a Beastly Bridge, Nick Redfern brings us the tale of a horrific humanoid beast first spotted in in the late 19th century, frightening English villagers in Shropshire, England. The description of this terrifying beast seems a bit familiar and Redfern wonders if it could be the English version of Bigfoot. On the other end of the scale, we have an Interview with Caroline Loughridge, Menehunee Encounter Experiencer. Loughridge of Hawaii shares her encounters with a tiny bidedal creature that seems to be a Hawaiian version of an interdimensional gremlin, causing mischief and wreaking havoc.

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