Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Letters from the Big Man, The First True-to-Life Portrait of Sasquatch, Is avail

Photos Of The Day: Bigfoot Skull, Winged Chupacabra Kills 35 Sheep

Check Out This Review Of David Paulides' New Book: Missing 411

Who Are The Real Bigfoot Researchers?

Is Bigfoot Possible? Oh Hells Yes!

When it comes to the field of homology, it doesn't get much more succinct than that. Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum takes the most pervasive evidence of bigfoot and proves we're dealing with something lurking in the forests which isn't human. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman tells us of the Hunt For The Last Kakapo. There are probably only about 50 left. Coleman also writes the obit for James H. Powell in Mokele-Mbembe Expedition Leader Laid To Rest.

Letters From The Big Man DVD Available

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