Sunday, March 04, 2012

That Sound... What Is It? Bigfoot Evidence
Today's batch is more fun than a barrel of... well... you'll find out. Our business begins with what does a sasquatch sound like? Turns out that Tom Fonner has a good idea and puts the money where his, or its, mouth is with the linked file. Over in a country famous for its simian deities, authorities have gone a little over the top when they caught wind of a 'Monkey man' Rumor: Cops Arrest 72 in Crackdown. According to the report, they say all suspects are pranksters but no word on the prankster deity behind the chaos. We're not done monkeying around here as we go ape with Tyler Stone declaring The South Carolina Lizard Man Is a Freshwater Monkey, Too! It may sound bananas but we'll be something's uncle when it comes to the true nature of this cryptid.

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