Monday, March 05, 2012

The Heretical Bigfoot: After cheap fireworks show fails to attract sasquatch, FINDING BIGFOOT team v

A world-record holding swimmer claims to have had a close encounter with a Nessie-style creature in Lake Windemere, the largest natural lake in England. In addition to that, the snaps taken by a professional photographer from a promontory above the lake show some unknown object creating a wake in the otherwise placid body of water. Across the Channel, there's a rival in the Terror Of The Tarasque! Karl Shuker takes a look at the legendary hexapod, laid low long ago by St. Martha. Whereas Nessie takes its name from the Loch it inhabits, the town once terrorized by the Tarasque now takes its name from its legendary tormenter! Of course, there is no Tarasque footage like there is Indiana Dunes Bigfoot Footage, which was recently featured in an episode of Finding Bigfoot. Many of those who have commented on the post seem to find the brief video clip to be somewhat dubious. Speaking of the Sasquatch, Bigfoot Evidence asks: Is Sasquatch/Bigfoot Using Underground Caves to Elude Us? Might this explain how these lumbering wildmen have evaded capture all these years?

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