Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lair of the Beasts: Hairy Giants
... as the one seen in the famous Roger Patterson-Robert Gimlin motion film of a Neo-Giant in California in 1967...They are of a different genus of primate.

Things That Make You Go "Woo." Is There a Curse on Filming Sasquatch?

A Video Is Not Worth a Thousand Words

New Footage: Bigfoot Creature Inadvertently Filmed On Larry The Cable Guy's Alaska Episode Of Only In America

These days you're more likely to see Bigfoot on television than in your own backyard. Not so for Tim Stover, though, who caught the Bigfoot bug 20 years ago after a chance encounter. In anticipation of his appearance on Bigfoot Hunters tonight, WKYC takes the time to profile this local hero, as does with Kent Resident's Quest to Find Bigfoot to Air Sunday which gives a little more depth to Stover's story. In other news of the huge, hairy hominid, the reports claiming the shooting of more than one Bigfoot in the California mountains continues to evoke a back and forth from those investigating the claims, as revealed in Jeff Meldrum Addresses Sierra Kills Rumors and Bart Cutino Addresses Sierra Kills Body Recovery Effort. The Australian version of the manlike biped gets mention today, too, in the video questioning Yowie Footprints in the Bush? And Dale Drinnon has information about the origins of reports describing another cryptid in Honduras Chupacabras-Folklore Page. Meanwhile, there's cryptozoological programming online tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET as the author of Orang-Pendek: Sumatra's Forgotten Ape visits with Eric Altman and Lon Strickler, as announced in This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Cryptozoologist/Author Richard Freeman, and cryptozoology is a large part of the podcast mounted by Benjamin Grundy and found in Episode 703 – Mysterious Universe.

Duane Beer Dies

Fortean W. Ritchie Benedict Obituary

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