Friday, February 03, 2012

Bigfoot Nest VS California Black Bear Den

SyFy Network: New Bigfoot Movie with Danny Bonaduce

It's not common to find a tale of an unknown reptile in the autobiography of a badman. But that's what Dr. Karl Shuker discovered in Mr Nice: An Autobiography, the story of a man who was once Britain's most wanted criminal. Howard Marks is one of those guys everyone seems to like, hence the title of his life's story. But within the pages of that book Dr. Shuker ran across an account of a lizard from the lawless regions of Pakistan that could be slapped against a wall and climbed like a ladder, making it a useful tool of the second storey man's profession. No kidding! But how is it that Dr. Shuker hasn't been able to deduce just what large lizard this could be? Elsewhere, Bigfoot is in the news from a variety of sources, beginning with Mike Day's reminiscences about Bigfoot in the Tri-States, progressing to Jeffery Pritchett's The Boss of the Mountain. The Many Wild Theories of What Bigfoot Really Is and culminating, for the moment at least, with Loren Coleman's presentation of a new "species" of garden gnome that also happens to be one of the latest targets of acquisition for the International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM) - you can help - as noted in Coming Soon: Giant Garden Bigfoot. The Director of the ICM is himself featured in the news, as well, and can be seen in Loren Coleman - Founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum. Meanwhile, hopes of settling the out-of-place (OOP) big cat conundrum in the United Kingdom have been dashed for the moment by canid spit, as you'll see in DNA Tests to Solve Big Cat Mystery Find a Fox, but the evidence of such creatures continues with the account of Big Cat Reports from the Lake District.

What really happened at Bluff Creek?

CryptoArt Finkle Show In Chicago

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