Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Soup Blog: "Finding Bigfoot" with Bacon [Video]

Stan Gordon has been collecting anomalous reports from the Keystone State since 1959, when he was just 10-years-old. And 2011 proved to be a very active year for strange events, strange creatures and anomalous lights in the sky. Here Gordon runs through some of the years most puzzling reports gleaned from 48 of the state's counties, including "a large winged humanoid creature," giant birds, mountain lions, Bigfoot and UFOs. Elsewhere, the effort is made to make sense of the wide range of Bigfoot sightings, offering "both a rational explanation and an esoteric one" to come up with Bigfoot Sightings Explained. And we have both small elephant news and big cat news for you, today, starting with Matt Salusbury's note to Jon Downes at the Centre for Fortean Zoology that shows Salusbury's efforts on his new book have progressed to a stage where he needs to address some diminutive pachyderms, as seen in Pygmy Elephant Update, a posting that continues with Update on the Alleged Pygmy Elephant Specimens from Copenhagen University and More Pygmy Elephant Stuff. While the pachyderms may be puny, the cats occasionally appearing to Britishers before chowing down on some unfortunate sheep or wallaby - yes, wallaby - are not pint-sized versions of the ones seen on the Dark Continent or in India, as noted in Big Cat News: Another Gloucestershire Cutting and Palace Puma Spotted for First Time This Year. Meanwhile, creatures of a far different sort occupy much of the discussion as Benjamin Grundy broadcasts digitally with Episode 704 – Mysterious Universe, offering winged weirdies, giants, hairy humanoids, midgets and more.

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