Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Erickson Project Website Is Back From The Dead, Now Includes Scary Legal Disclaimer For Bloggers Like Robert Lindsay

Todd Standing Has A New Blog And He's Taking Questions

Finding Bigfoot Should Hunt For Bigfoot Using One Of These [Video]

It Was a Fairy Good Evening Phantoms & Monsters
Correspondent Johnathan Fennell writes eloquently to Lon Strickler of an event and a creature he experienced with other guests at a small get together in a rural setting of Chicora, PA. Did the guests observe a bona fide fairy? Strickler follows up to share other incidents of high strangeness around this Pennsylvania setting. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon has new evidence in the case of an alleged cryptid in a 2009 video included with the report "Baby Bigfoot" Reprise, and Loren Coleman revisits reports of a hairy creature in the wilderness of the Sunshine State, including photos and video captures with Forgotten Florida Cryptid? And a sad note creeps into the cryptid discussion as Coleman announces the passing of a well known Bigfoot researcher in Sierra Sounds’ Al Berry Has Died.

Melba Ketchum's Movie Copyright Application: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed

Finding Bigfoot: Debrief of “Buckeye Bigfoot” by Cliff Barackman

Sierra Sounds’ Al Berry Has Died (Updated)

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