Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boy in China with “Cat’s Eyes”?


New January Press Release Suggests That "Finding Bigfoot" Helped Push Animal Planet Network To Best Start In Nearly A Decade

Watch Cliff Barackman's Finding Bigfoot Ohio Debriefing Video

Watch This Video To Get An Idea Of What A 10-12 Feet Tall Bigfoot Looks Like In The Purported Erickson Project Film

Author Lisa A. Shiel Chimes In On Ape-vs-Human Debate [Bigfoot Debate]

Watch Funny Bigfoot Reunion Video. Parodies Popular "Christian the Lion" Story [Humor]

Squatch! Independent Bigfoot Horror Film out in 2012

3 Dates Set for Sasquatch and Suds Meetings in Portland, Oregon

Larry the Cable Guy Filmed with Alleged Bigfoot in Background

Robert Lindsay Comments on the Bigfoot Ape vs. Human Argument.

The celebrated silverback gorilla Ambam who struts his stuff through the greensward at the Aspinall Foundation's Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in England serves to make a point about the controversial Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film recorded in the late 1960s. Dale Drinnon takes exception to skeptical remarks made about the Patterson-Gimlin film's Patty, using Ambam in his explanation. Drinnon also presents Mexican legends of a giant hairy biped, presented by Carlos Augusto Evia Cervantes at a Congress of Speleologists in 2007 that suffers in the translation but still gives evidence in native belief in the creatures, seen in More on Mexican Wildmen, while archived news sources reveal a similar creature, as well as another cryptid from the Emerald Isle, seen in Muirhead's Mysteries: An Irish Wildman and an Odd Rhinoceros-like Creature. Drinnon also visits evidence of apes in the New World today, too, with More Mayan Monkeys (Apes). There's enlightening news from the Natural History pages today, as well, revealed in Afghan Mystery Cat Redux; Snowy Owls Soar South from Arctic in Rare Mass Migration; the slideshow Top 10 Not-So-Extinct Animals and Pythons Eating Through Everglades Mammals at "Astonishing" Rate?

From the maverick science offerings: Natalie Wolchover hypothesizes the possibilities if another creature, or another type of human - think Neanderthals - had developed along the same lines as modern humans. Would we be friends, or would we be locked in mortal combat for the world's resources? Elsewhere, the Electric Universe theorists continue to hammer away at the hoary paradigm they say has held back scientific advancement on many fronts, as exemplified by misconceptions Stephen Smith dismantles in Pulsar Wind Nebulae; and Smith joins physicist Wal Thornhill to belabor standard predictions about our nearest star's activity and Earth's weather in A Solar Siesta. And in reports we missed several days ago, the nature of Earth's topography and fauna during the Ice Age get a different reading than most are familiar with in Lamb on Ice, while curious shifts in bodies of water on the southernmost continent bamboozle researchers in the Mystery of the Moving Antarctic Lakes. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon has more on the evidence of ancient seafaring in the dispersion of mankind, showing what went to sea often found use on land, leading to Early Scotland Settlement Boat-Houses.

Southern California Bigfoot, by Douglas E. Trapp
New Bigfoot Sighting Investigated

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