Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last night Loren Coleman had dinner with Dr. Matthew Johnson, a clinical psychologist and Bigfoot experiencer. The two talked about Johnson's encounter with the hairy hominoid in July of 2001 at the Oregon Caves and continued research of the creature in the Pacific Northwest. Apparent tracks of a juvenile Bigfoot inside the tracks of its mother have been found by Johnson and his family and photographic evidence of this is included, along with television footage about the efforts of Johnson and his family. Coleman also turns attention to another type of cryptid today as he reveals one of the latest projects of the Royal Canadian Mint which honors a man responsible for popularizing the legend of a lake monster, as noted in Memphre Coin. Such water dwellers were also the subject of Dr. Darren Naish's nearly hour-long lecture that took place last weekend during the annual celebration of Fortean studies held in England, available in the video presentation Weird Weekend 2011: Dr. Darren Naish.

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