Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nick Redfern continues to wear many hats in the anomalous research arena, and here he slips on his reviewer's chapeau to turn his attention to the updated and expanded edition of The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings from high strangeness author Brad Steiger, one of the true masters in the field. From Hollywood to real history, Steiger covers it all in this update to the classic 1999 original edition, and Redfern heaps much-deserved praise on the author and the book, saying, "(T)his is a book that, beyond any shadow of doubt whatsoever, is undeniably essential reading for devotees of all-things beastly, vicious, and full-moon-based." Elsewhere, Redfern's reviewscontinue with his comments on Paul Screeton's book John Michell: From Atlantis to Avalon. Meanwhile, Rick Phillips reviews a new book from physicist John Mike who studied 200,000 UFO cases to formulate the scientific analysis he offers in The Anatomy of a Flying Saucer. Phillips goes so far as asking questions of the author, and John Mike answers in The August 21st Disclosure - UFO's Explained. Has John Mike latched onto the secret behind the physics of UFOs?

A Javanese woodcarving leads Dale Drinnon to offer an educated opinion concerning the legendary Orang Pendek hominid reported from the island jungles of the Southeast Pacific. Could there be pygmy humans in these locales? And could many reports of the Orang Pendek be observations of these shy human pygmies? Drinnon calls on the reports of Ivan T. Sanderson to answer these questions. With images. Elsewhere, a website dedicated to UFO research steps out in another direction, although briefly, to ask about some ancient writings that indicate an over-sized serpent was found out-of-place and under unusual circumstances, as seen inSnake in Rome -- Nothing About UFOs However...

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