Saturday, August 27, 2011

News of Bigfoot evidence in northern Minnesota brings the crew from "Finding Bigfoot" to Minnesota, and the reasoning behind the crew's visit can be found in the reports Expert Discredits Kettle River Brothers' Bigfoot Footprint Find and Bigfoot Through the Ages. And North Carolina's recent claimsof a Bigfoot presence in the Uwharrie National Forest, covered for television by the aforementioned "Finding Bigfoot," have two women with experience in the wilderness making plans for September that are revealed in Looking for Bigfoot: Two Local Nurses are Planning Quite an Adventure. Elsewhere, a 1936 newspaper report of a gargantuan encounter in India is brought up from the archives by Loren Coleman in Bengal Giant, and Coleman leads off the news of two new discoveries with New Amazon Monkey Discovered, while Scott Corrales translates the Javier Resines report of a camera crew's discovery in the Canary Islands recounted inCryptozoology: Giant Squid Found Dead. Also, Kentaro Mori produces the footage and the explanation for why things are not what they seem inPterodactyl Video in Austria?

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